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PrestaShop CMS restrictions by group
17.06.2012. 12:02:22 

This is a PrestaShop mod that lets you limit certain user groups from accessing specified CMS pages.

This mod is developed for and tested on PrestaShop


Original mod can be found here, but it is written for previous versions, so i had to make my mod of a mod :D

- package contents

- Backup old files
- copy AdminCMS.php over old file in root/[your_admin_folder]/tabs/
- copy CMS.php over old file in root/classes/
- apply cms.sql on your DB

This mod's functionality cannot be done through module, thats why it done this way.
This mod changes core functions of PrestaShop, and the author is not responsible if you do something wrong while applying this to your PrestaShop instance.

- Log in to your PrestaShop back office
- Go to tools menu
- Go to CMS submenu
- Select CMS page you want to edit
- In the bottom of the page you should see something like this:

- Select groups which shouldn't see the page
- Save changes

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14.07.2012. 15:48:58 
Hi, I'm trying to use your module with 1.4.6 but there are no other groups than Default. Do you know in which way can we make a Guest group and a Customers group? Thanks, Chris

17.07.2012. 8:48:31 
Go to your Back Office, then click on tab Customers, and then below you have link Groups, where you can define groups.
In Customers menu you can then assign groups to users :)

01.12.2012. 1:57:37 
Hi, i have tried this mod, but did not work. And now I am not able to delete it. I have erase from sql table, from admin/tab and classes. And now it is here :-( What can you suggest me?

15.12.2012. 2:10:16 
You cant delete it... You need to restore Your original files that You backed up before installation... and it is not necessary to delete ps_cms_group_restrictions table from database.